Air Support Incoming, Ladz!

Da Boss wanted to ‘ave some more dakka in ‘e air, so them mek gitz took some scrap and got to work. It wuz a mighty big krumpin’ for a while, but now we got two more jets in ‘e air. [Read More]

Proxy Warboss

I had a spare Nob with a powerklaw laying around, so I decided to use it as a stand-in (aka. proxy) for Nazrokk. [Read More]

Da First Loota

My first Loota is done. Yes, there could always be more detail added, but don’t forget he’s just one of da boyz and don need ta look loike no boss. [Read More]

Nazrokk's Dakkawaaagh!

Nevar enuff!

I’ve settled on my 2000 points list now more or less and I want to take the shokking thing out first: No boyz. Nazrokk doesn’t have time for lowly gitz. Finest dakka only. [Read More]

Work in Progress

I want to get done with my 500 points list, so I can finally play some games with my Orks. Here you see my Lootas getting batch painted. [Read More]

Da Boyz

This post isn’t very informative, and is just here to show you how my Orks look. [Read More]

You're not a script, kiddie!

I work for a company, which offers penetration tests as one of our core services. And like any company, we are constantly looking for new people to hire, either for fixed positions, or for internships. As you can imagine, requirements for internships are more lenient, but we do require people... [Read More]