I’ve settled on my 2000 points list now more or less and I want to take the shokking thing out first: No boyz. Nazrokk doesn’t have time for lowly gitz. Finest dakka only.


  • Nazrokk Gorgul - Warboss (105 pts)
    Attack Squig, Da Killa Klaw, Kombi-Skorcha, Might is Right
  • Blitzkrump Snotzogga - Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun 125 pts)
    Enhanced Runt-sucker, Big Boss: Brutal but Kunnin
  • Grimgrod da Wurrkop - Weirdboy (70 pts)
    Fists of Gork, Da Jump


  • Painboy (65 pts)
    Grot Orderly

Fast Attack

  • 2x Kustom Boosta Blastas (2x80 pts)
  • Megatrakk Scrapjet (100 pts)
  • Megatrakk Scrapjet (100 pts)

Heavy Support

  • Battlewagon (145 pts)
    Big Shoota, Deff Rolla, Grabbin’ Klaw, Lobba, Wrekin’ Ball, Kannon
  • Lootas (140 pts)
    8x Loozas, 2x Spanner (with Kustom Mega-Blastas)
  • Deff Dread (85 pts)
    3x Dread Klaw, Skorcha, Big Kumpaz
  • 2x Mek Gunz (90 pts)
    Kustom Mega Kannon
  • 2x Mek Gunz (90 pts)
    Kustom Mega Kannon


  • Dakkajet (120 pts)
    2x Additional Supa Shoota
  • Wazbom Blastajet (230 pts)
    2x Tellyport Mega-Blastas, Blastajet Force Field, 2x Supa Shoota

Lord of War

  • Gorkanaut (360 pts)
    More Dakka

So as you can see, quite a lot of dakka. Let me give my rationale for my choices. Nazrokk definitely wants to get into close-combat. His Killa Klaw has a strength of 14, meaning he gets a 2+ to wound against some Imperial Knights. This is genuinely quite insane. His Kombi-Skorcha can also fire either just as a regular shoota or as shoota and skorcha, with a -1 to hit for the shoota only (since skorcha’s hit automatically.) And with “Da Jump” or the Battlewagon, he should have no trouble getting close.

Blitzkrump gets “Brutal but Kunnin” just as extra on top. Since he has a lovely 2D3 weapon with strength somewhere between 2 and 12, failing to hit or wound would be quite sad. So he just gets to re-roll if he doesn’t deal any damage. And should he end up close to one of the vehicles, he can repair as well. Not a huge deal, hence why he didn’t get the Grot Oiler.

Grimgod is just an all around great support. Fists of Gork can give Nazrokk even more attacks and strength, so that he can cut up a knight in one go. And with Da Jump, he can get the orkz where they need to go.

The Painboy exists to keep Nazrokk or whoever else is in need alive, and the Grot Orderly ensures things don’t go too bad. Hopefully.

The two Kustom Boosta Blastas are together in one unot, and I’m hoping to get up close and personal to use the burna exhaust. A D6 auto-hit weapon is quite good against infantry, and the rivet cannon gives some S7 fire as well.

The Megatrakk Scrapjets are their own unit, so they can move independently. They should give a lot of high-powered anti-vehicle weaponry. The Rokkit Cannon and the Wing Missiles both are S8, plus the Missiles hit on 4+ against vehicles. And they can charge with Ramming Speed, which has a chance to deal D3 mortal wounds, and then Spiked Ram gets a 50% chance per model to deal D3 mortal wounds. In essence…these are quite insane.

The Battlewagon…you know, funny story. I never planned on adding it, but my mother gifted it to me on Christmas, so I kind of want to include it and kill some gitz with it. The Deff Rolla was a given so the model can actually fight in close-combat and the Klaw, Lobba and Wreckin’ Ball were basically free. The main purpose is to transport the lootas and Nazrokk (maybe).

Speaking of Lootas, one unit with 8 Lootas and 2 Spanners. They could in theory disembark and repair as well. Maybe that could come in handy? I dunno. Deffgun go brrr.

Next, the Deff Dread. It has 3 Dread Klaws and one Skorcha. That pretty much says it wants to get up close and personal. The Skorcha is another D6 autohit weapon which can fire in close combat, and the Klaws allow the Deff Dread to hit six times, with a strength of 10, AP-3 for 3 damage. Oh, and hits on 2+ thanks to Big Krumpaz. You know, I really loved when the Big Krumpaz was like “Krumpin’ Time!” and then proceeded to krump ‘em all.

Finally, the Mek Gunz. They’re arranged in a 2x2 setup, giving them a total of 4D6 shots at 4+, S8, AP-3 and D6 damage, with blast. But also a mortal wound when hitting with 1. And they’re comparatively cheap. So yeah, I like them.

Change from the 1500 points list to the 2000 points list is the inclusion of Flyers. Specifically, the Dakkajet and the Wazbom Blastajet. I never played with Flyers before, so I am quite excited to find out what they’re like. I just know I’m going to have so much fun with them. The Dakkajet has 6 “Supa Shootas”, which should put down a lot of damage against infantry. And the Wazbom Blastajet gives it a Force Field too to give it a 5+ invuln save. Speaking of the Wazbom, it gets a ton of damage out as well, so I’m just super excited to see what it’s goingto be like to play wit them.

And finally, the idol of the Brutal but Kunnin Gork, the Gorkanaut. Modified with more dakka to have even more dakka, it can in theory shoot up to 90 times with just its Deffstorm Mega-Shoota. Just imagine the noise this would make. The Twin Big Shootas also provide extra firepower at 36” range. The Rokkit Launchas give some nice anti-armor capabilities and the skorcha deals extra close combat damage, in case the Klaw of Gork doesn’t just absolutely obliterate everything in its path. And, it can also carry Nazrokk in case I might want that.

Never Enough Dakka!