Da Boss wanted to ‘ave some more dakka in ‘e air, so them mek gitz took some scrap and got to work. It wuz a mighty big krumpin’ for a while, but now we got two more jets in ‘e air.

Da Dakkajet


‘is one is so simple, even a grot could fly it. Ya just take some dakka, and then some more dakka, and then some more dakka…and I think…uhh…maybe even more. Listen, it don’ matter, ya take a lot o’ dakka and shoot at ‘em gitz on the ground, right? So simple a grot gets it.

Da Wazbom Blastajet

Wazbom Blast

So this one…uhh…yeah, I don’ quite get it meself. The mekboys swear it’s good though. When they tried it out, the boss’ ‘eadbunker exploded, an’ da boss ripped one of them mekboyz’ ‘ead off. It was a good time. So anyways, it makes stuff explode! It’s gonna be so much fun when them fish’eads show up.