Hi, you probably know me from some online communities, where I’ve been active. There used to be quite many of them, but in recent times, not so much. Though I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

So first of all, lovely to see you here. My pseudonym is MechMK1, and I work in Information Security, focussing primarily on the security of web applications. I do that through a reputable company, though I shall not name them here, since I like to do some spicy takes every now and then and I know someone will be butthurt enough to try and get me fired. And despite what you may believe, the perks of having a regular income include “having a roof over my head” and “not starving to death”, which are two of my favourite activities. Actually, I have achieved my OSWE rather recently, which is something I’m proud of. It means I’m now certifiedly not a fucking retard anymore.

In my free time, I enjoy playing indie games, painting Warhammer 40k miniatures, picking locks, toying around with my Linux server, shooting my various rifles, archery, hiking… Actually, quite a variety of interests. I just like weird things, okay? Nothing is more boring that something that’s “common” or “popular”. Show me experimental noise music made with instruments that look like a spaceship, tell me about how the story of a japanese bullet hell shooter from 2003 is actually an allegory for death, or show me a really beautiful place in nature. Life is too short to give a fuck whether or not other people think you’re weird.

If you’d like to contact me, here is my public key:


You can use it to send an email to me. I check my inbox…somewhat? Like once a day, or maybe not. Don’t expect a response within minutes, because believe it or not, I am not glued to my screen all day.